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About Me

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I see photography as a testimony & legacy of our time together. There is so much more to photography than meets the eye as photos transports us, they move us, and they touch us.

Let me contribute to your very own story with beautiful and heartwarming photos for you and the people you love.

Our history is written through Photography.

As a documentary style photographer, I have a passion for the candid and unposed, for capturing the beauty of those naturally occurring moments taking place all around us.


So much love, laughter, and heartwarming moments, your special day will be one of the most emotional and memorable days of your life and deserves to have its truth and beauty captured in its authenticity. The day is about you and your loved ones and what needs to be done will be done in order to immortalise those everlasting memories.

Over the years my work has been exhibited and published in several magazines, and my love for the unseen led me to put together a project called Behind The Scene composed of a series of black and white photographs of actors and artists including Dame Judi Dench, Ben Whishaw, Neil Gaiman, Sir David Hare and many others. I was also fortunate to produce a series in the backstage of the Royal Albert Hall in London for the international show Cirque du Soleil OVO.

Past Clients include The Old Vic Theatre, The Tower of London, The Tootsie Roller, Molinare TV & Film, The Donmar Theatre, U'luvka Vodka,...

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